ABOUT rebranding Gutenberg

Yesterday i made a pecha kucha talk at ABOUT – Independent Publishing Fair about Gutenberg. I wanted to raise some awareness about the man of the millennium here in Mainz, because I live in this city for 9 years and I didn’t knew a lot about him. My interest was caught by American authors like Clay Shirky or Jeff Jarvis and not by the city itself and I want to change this. So you will read some more about Gutenberg in the next month. At the moment I’m planing some videointerviews for youtube. They will be creative commons, so everyone who is interested can use them for his own documentation. I will start this project here in Mainz, because here is so much knowledge about this great guy and how he started mass-media. After that I want to travel to Silicon Valley and New York to see what is happening now at the end of his era. What’s up with social media? Who are the next media entrepreneurs who will shape our future? And maybe I will find an idea what will follow that. Will we have direct Brainwaveconnections?

Here you can find my presentation. It’s based on one of the most manipulative and successful uses of Social Media: Kony2012 and contains some slides made for my audience of Graphic-designers 😉

I wanted to make this presentation in English, but one day of preparation was not enough for that, so I switched to German. It is really hard to speak English if everyone else around you is speaking in your native language. Interesting experience, it was much easier to speak English at TEDxSummit.