Act!on at re:publica 2012

I was at the re:publica at Berlin and it was the second time for me after 2010, but both events are hard to compare. The good thing about the new location was there was enough place for all the visitors. At some session I had to stand but thats ok. But I felt lost between so many people. Although the first sessions I attended were some kind of boring, but it got better. I started to switch sessions and found a lot of interesting ideas and opinions.


I arrived at Berlin on Mai 1st, it’s a holiday in Germany, we call it “Day of Work” and it was amazing how the city had changed. I was in Berlin on May 1st 2003 and have seen riots, flying stones and burning cars. This was the a problem in Berlin for years. But this year I walked through the same streets and there where stages with Bands and DJs. I don´t know how many there where but I can remember six. But we just went some streets. Berlin was dancing on the streets till 1am and the bass was moving.

This had nothing to do with the re:publica, but it was most of the action I found. ACTA, SOPA, Popel, BLABLA. To much politics but no real action. The so called Netactivist just write nice E-Mails, I hoped for some more action, how about a new OS for our society or at least a gamechanging platform to combine our power?

TED lag

I have a TED lag from TEDxSummit. Most of the TEDxOrganizers i met there are action focused and the Talks where world class. But stop complaining, the only way to handle this problem to spread some of this spirit and I will figure out how.