beyond democracy

Democracy is one of the best ways to organize society till today, but we shouldn’t stop there.

Democracy is a dictatorship of the mass

I have my problems with democracy, because I’m a free mind and my personal freedom is often limited by laws. I think some laws are really important, like you can’t kill someone and I think there should be a force to prevent that from happening, but why can the majority decide who is allowed to allocate resources? Who owns the land? And why is there no place to leave this system. There are so many rules, that have nothing to do with our nature. You should have the chance to have a life without any interaction with the government, as long as you do not hurt someone else.

I think we ask the wrong questions. We should discuss about this topics instead of politics. We have to find more effective ways of organization and provide opportunities for everyone instead of forcing minorities to deal with it.

If you are born in Germany this days you already owe 25,000€ to someone else! This is great for the majority, because people younger then 18 don’t have a voice in the democratic process. An other question is: How to use oil. This is a Jackpot for humanity, but if we have used this boost of energy, the young have to deal with it.

I like to decide on my own

Democracy was useful when we couldn’t meet everyone on a daily base, but this is possible today. Why can’t I decide on my own? Just log in to Bundestag and check “YES” or “NO”. And if I don’t want to make a decision I can pass my vote to someone I trust? We should although discuss on which topics we have to make decision on what scale. And we need some basic rights for everyone like some place to go, basic health, water and food.

Every bird has more rights than most human.

What do you think? What are better alternatives?