Experiment: Saving for iPad 3

deutsch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFwLK0ReJGQ

You haven´t heard from me in the last time. To be honest, I don´t know how to publish on all the channels you can use nowadays and I would love to simply connect everything into my wordpress blog. Besides my regular social media activities I have to write some storys for the Allgemeine Zeitung as well, so I can’t catch up with every place.

But here is just a crazy idea, that is not fitting anywhere else. More than a year ago, I saw a cartoon: a bum holding an iPad 1 begging for an iPad 2. I loved the idea and i always wanted to find out how people react. But as everyone of you may understand, before I start such a stupid idea, i feel a little fear, stopping me.

But after working on my project every day for 3 weeks, I had to do something else.

In the end it was a lot of fun and I made $4.75 (if you subtract the bus fees of $4 i made a profit of $0.75) in one hour.

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