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Deutsch: So Ihr lieben, ich habe keine Ahnung wie viele von euch der englischen Sprache mächtig sind, bei mir geht’s so, deshalb schreibe ich in der Weltsprache “bad english”. Ich habe auf der TEDxSummit soviele nette Leute kennengelernt und würde auch gerne deren Meinung zu meinen Ideen oder tollen Sachen die ich finde, einholen können. Also wie seht ihr das, störts euch wenn ich englisch schreibe?

Yesterday was my last day at monster. I worked for them as a freelance Social Media Consultant from December 2011 and it was great experience and time. But why do our ways separate? The payment was good and I could handle my tasks very well, but after I finished them, there was not much time left for development.

What was my Job?

I had to find some relevant or entertaining job related content, mix it with the content my Coworkers created and spread them to the different Channels (B2B & B2C & Intranet), I had to monitor all the channels, take photos at events or from the inside of Monster. I planned and designed Facebook Ads & Campaigns, Profile pictures, made some Videos and if a coworker had a social Media related question, i did some research. It was sometimes fun, sometimes stressful and sometimes boring.

I’m a FREElancer

I read tons of career advice and discussions on grades or the perfect resume, but something seems wrong for me. If you would ask me for career advice, i would say: find your talent and become a freelancer, you are always fucked as a worker, you are always dependent, you are replaceable, you are a gear! Get the hell out of it!

You will lose your Job anyway

There is no save job. The time for big companies is over. The transaction costs are so low, most of the time it’s simply more effective to build a small team and work on a project base with other small teams. You don’t need to be big to be found. Google is great in finding the longtail.

What’s next?

The same as before, lucky me, i always had some customers on the side, so its not a total restart. But i have to find some more, but before i start a search, i will try to get my passion paid.

In the last years I read a lot about the evolution of media from “one to many” to “many to many” and my Homebase Mainz was often mentioned because of Gutenbergs printing press. It was very interesting to read detailed descriptions of medieval Mainz, because I passed some of the places a thousand times, without knowing about their history. I learned more about Mainz by reading Jeff Jarvis, Seth Godin or Clay Shirky than by living in this city for 9 years. And even my “native” friends didn’t knew much more. I like to change this and show Mainz and the world what revolution started here.

I like to make a youtube documentation about the evolution of massmedia and I will start in Mainz. I like to interview some Experts and film some explanation videos. I can do this part of the story without much financial risk, because I just have to invest my time. I can meet most of the experts by bike. Later i will travel trough Germany, to meet more experts and finally I will travel to New York, Silicon Valley and the middle east. I will try crowdfunding or find a sponsor for this project.

I started today by visiting the Gutenberg Museum and after reading so much about Hennes Genzfleisch aka Johannes Gutenberg, it was much more interesting than my first visit years ago. So in the worst case I spend some time to meet interesting people in Mainz and contribute some knowledge to the world and in the best case i can do this all over the world. I have some money left, so why wait for approval?

You can support this project by booking me for consulting

This project will not consume all of my time, so I’m ready to get some new clients. But if you like to become a sponsor, even better.

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